Get Licensed Credit In Singapore With Credit Excel Capital

We are here to help you out in getting the credit in legalized and licensed way. Our aim is to serve our customers with hassle free lending of money for their needs by providing an easy procedure and friendlier staff. Licensed moneylender Singapore is now easy with Credit Excel Capital.

Many times people often face financial issues and are not able to access funds easily because of the borrowing rules, bad credit history and time duration in approval of funds. Therefore, here we are to understand the needs of the clients with the sensitivity of the issue they are facing. Licensed moneylender Singapore is not easy to find but we are here to make your search easy and fulfill your requirement of the funds you require.

All the operations that take place are regulated by the Registry of Moneylenders in Singapore. All of our repayment plans and interest rates adhere to the standards laid down in the Moneylenders Act and Rules. Because of all this, we are able to provide our customers best financial services under the law. We truly believe in transparency and providing convenience when quick financing is required. Our dedicated customer service team is always there to respond to all your queries and online application helps one in getting one-step closer to the financial assistance.

If you choose to go to the bank then you will have to face the lengthy application process and cross through various approval steps. Our aim is to provide you with the money in the shortest time possible by only going through a simple application process and proof of your identification. The money you take can be used in many ways such as paying off your rent, various bills, fees etc. or as per your requirement.

We also help our customers in improving their credit score. What usually people do is they have loans from different organizations which leads to hectic payment schedules, therefore, we provide you with one fund to pay all the debts and continue with a single company which drastically improves your credit score. The best part is that we do not have any hidden costs in the loan that is being offered to the customer. Pay the loan amount and interest on your loan amount. That’s it!

Your loan eligibility is not decided on your credit history but we decide it using your current income. All, you need to have is the proof of your income.